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Cannabis Banking

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Our Cannabis Banking Program

OSB prides themselves in being one of the first banks to be forthcoming in providing banking solutions for licensed cannabis businesses in Oklahoma.  As the industry quickly evolves, OSB has learned, grown, and adapted. We are closely following the development of our robust cannabis market along with the financial and regulatory compliance at the federal level. We prioritize your safety in a largely cash-based industry, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to be your cannabis banking partner.

Products and Services

OSB provides the tools you need to run your licensed cannabis business, pay your vendors, and deliver payroll directly to the bank accounts of your employees. We understand the unique banking needs of the cannabis industry and are committed to adding new partnerships and software technology to improve the cannabis customer experience. We offer a wide variety of cannabis banking solutions, including:

  • Business checking
  • Bill pay
  • ACH payroll origination
  • Remote deposit capture
  • Pin-debit Merchant Partnership
  • Online banking with our mobile app
  • Mastercard debit/ATM card

Bank Your Business with Someone You Trust

Oklahoma State Bank has partnered with advanced cannabis software technology company, Shield Compliance LLC. Shield Compliance is one of the few cannabis banking software companies that is on the list of METRC validated integrators in Oklahoma. With this integration, we are able to eliminate a large portion of the manual compliance duties for the business owner saving YOU time, money, and headache!

"As one of the pioneering financial institutions providing cannabis banking services in Oklahoma, OSB is very knowledgeable about the compliance requirements of this industry and the functionality necessary to deliver an effective program," said Tony Repanich, CEO of Shield Compliance.

OSB is committed to providing the best cannabis banking experience for the OMMA licensed busines. We respect the cannabis industry as a legitimate one, and we are honored to have the opportunity to work with cannabis-related businesses!  


When You Choose OSB

Oklahoma State Bank is just that. The bank for Oklahomans. We are a community bank that centers its focus around our people. Although cannabis banking is fairly new, we want to be a part of sealing legitimacy within the industry. Thanks to our support from the cannabis industry we have been able to grow, and within our growth we have established new partnerships, pricing, and services tailored to the cannabis business such as:

  • Streamlined cannabis business onboarding powered by Shield Compliance.
  • Flat rate competitive pricing.
  • No variable fees assessed on your deposits.
  • Strategic tools to simplify cash management and procedures.
  • Partnered Pin-debit merchant processing.
  • Free ATM installation
  • Compliance management and alert setup functionality.
  • Free Green Interest checking account for shareholders, business owners and employees*.
  • We are now in Tulsa thanks to our partner Pay Cash Group!

 Partner with Oklahoma State Bank to enjoy cannabis banking services for your growing business. Take the first step to secure your green by completing the form below. A cannabis banking associate will be in touch soon. Contact our CannaSupport line by calling 405-260-9869 or email us at

We look forward to becoming your cannabis banking partner!